Reilly & Maloney Recordings

The Club Years 1973-1976 – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM9045, Pelican Records, 2014

This collection of 13 songs comes from our earliest years together when we performed mainly in small clubs, bars, cafes, and coffee houses. They were captured “live” in those intimate performance spaces by eager, loyal fans and have been restored from the original reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes for presentation on this CD.


A Christmas Album – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM4325, Pelican Records, 2012

Reissued from the 2003 Christmas album, which had two more songs than the original 1984 recording, this CD has those two plus three additional songs. Curl up by the fire, sip the eggnog, and smell the pine boughs.


brighter light: a tribute to Tom Dundee – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM9042, Pelican Records, 2008

A tribute concert to our longtime friend and fellow wandering minstrel, Tom Dundee (1946-2006), captured live at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House in Berkeley on April 13, 2008.


Hello My Heart: Collection II – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM9041, Pelican Records, 2006

Tracks from three classic albums on one CD. Previously unrestored tracks from Good Company recorded in 1979, Everyday recorded in 1980, and Profiles recorded in 1983 have been restored from their original LPs.


at last & alive – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM9040, Pelican Records, 2005

Two classic albums on one CD. Ginny and David’s first LP, at last, recorded in 1976, and the live recording of their University of Washington concert, alive, recorded in 1978 have been restored from their original LPs.


Reilly & Maloney Concert DVD
DVD – RM0001, Pelican Records, 2005

See and hear Ginny and David perform both originals and interpretations of Kate Wolf, Mark Knopfler, John Prine and others. Recorded from a 1988 concert in Vancouver, WA.


Backstage – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM9039, Pelican Records, 2004

Restored from the original LP, Ginny and David’s live 1986 performance at the Backstage in Seattle captures them at their finest. This was their last recording together before embarking on solo careers that extended throughout most of the 1990s. The sound was transferred beautifully to digital format.


Together Again – Reilly & Maloney
CD – RM9038, Pelican Records, 2003

This 18 song CD includes a variety of covers and original material recorded live in April 2003 at two San Francisco Bay Area venues. It captures a clarity and intimacy of the Reilly & Maloney “sound” that is unparalleled in David and Ginny’s long recording history.


A Collection – Reilly & Maloney
CD – Pelican Records, 2000

Reissued from the 1989 recording, this material was compiled as a retrospective of Ginny and David’s recorded work together. It features songs of their composition as well as their arrangements of songs by other artists.


Ginny Reilly Solo Recordings:

the Blues of Bessie Smith- Ginny Reilly
CD – RR02, Oh Reilly Music, 2013

This is a folk blues album, or a blues folk album. I love these songs; they’re a little sad, a little funny, a little angry, and they are full of double-entendres. ~Ginny


Oh, Reilly! – Ginny Reilly
CD – RR01, Reilly Records, 2005

The torch singer awakens! Combining a bit of the Blues, Country, and her original work, Ginny displays her full repertoire in this fine studio album that has been restored from the original 1986 LP.


Doodle Lee Do’in – Ginny Reilly
CD – FR-1913, Freckle Records, 1988

Ginny’s odes to Motherhood and the love of children.


David Maloney Solo Recordings:

New Solo CD!
My Father’s Shoulders
CD – RM9045, Pelican Records, 2016

The 10 songs in this collection are the prayers that were given to me when I was most in need. From deep in my heart, my gratitude is unending.


Grammy Nominated CD!
…a little homespun wobble – Davy Joe Malone
CD – RM9044, Pelican Records, 2013

11 songs warbled at home in the precious moments that lie between obligation and duty with choral arrangements featuring the “Husky Farmers.”


Grammy Nominated CD!
One Day More – David Maloney
CD – RM9043, Pelican Records, 2011

15 original songs by David with harmonies from Ginny, along with a host of SF Bay Area’s finest studio singers and musicians.


One Voice & An Ordinary Day- David Maloney
CD – DJM-0009, Pelican Records, 2006

Two of David’s solo recordings in a two CD package. One Voice recorded in 1989 and An Ordinary Day recorded in 1993 have been restored from the originals.


My Big Green Hat – David Maloney
CD – DJM-0008, Pelican Records, 2002

David performs 17 original and joyful children’s tunes. If it’s youth you feel in your heart, you’ll enjoy this recording.


Goin’ to Town… – David Maloney
CD – DJM-0006, Pelican Records, 1996

Cowboy Dave with a Nashville sound. Backed on his own compositions by one fine house band, it doesn’t get any better.


“Angels Bending Near the Earth”
A Christmas Album – David Maloney
CD – DJM-0007, Pelican Records, 1996

Memories of the holiday season come rushing back as David captures the feelings of sharing and goodwill through three original songs and traditional Christmas arrangements.


I’m Glad I’m a Kid! – David Maloney
Cassette – DJM-0004, Pelican Records, 1990


This Davey kid rocks!

Listen to the Pipes – David Maloney
LP – OHWD100, Heartwood Records, 1985

The Harvest Is In – David Maloney
LP – FR1903, Freckle Records, 1981