Doodle Lee Do’in


1. OTHER WOMEN (G. Reilly) :26
2. DOODLE LEE DOO (G. Reilly) 3:40
3. THE BABY INSIDE ME (G. Reilly) 2:38
4. LULLABY (When You Come Out To Play)( G. Reilly) 2:31 ·
5. EMILY (G. Reilly) 2:53 ·
6. WHAT KIND OF MANNERS? (G. Reilly) 2:50
7. BABY OF MINE (G. Reilly) 2:40
8. SWEETIE PIE (G. Reilly) 2:00
9. CHARLIE CHORTLE (G. Reilly) 2:28 ·
10. DOODLE AND D. (G. Reilly) 2:19
11. OH MY BABIES (G. Reilly) 4.01 ·
12. MOTHER’S DAY (G. Reilly) :40


Ginny Reilly – acoustic guitar & lead vocals
Kathy Mortensen – piano, synthesizer
John Nelson – bass
David Maloney – acoustic guitar & background vocals
Nancy Rumbel – double ocarina and english horn
Barbara Lamb – violin

Produced by Ginny Reilly with more than a little help from a friend, David Maloney

Engineered by John Nelson

Recorded and mixed at Crow Recording, Seattle

Mastered by George Horn, Fantasy Records, Berkeley

Photography by Jack Burg

Cover Design by Heckler Associates, Seattle

Thanks to Emily and Charlie for inspiring these songs, and thanks to their father, Jack Burg, whose corny ideas seem to crop up more and more in my songwriting.