Make Deposits and Withdrawals Safely At Cresus Casino

Make Deposits and Withdrawals Safely At Cresus Casino

A new USA Online Casino, Cresus Casino offers games from NetEnt, Rival, B3W and more with a no deposit bonus. Cresus Online Casino is a fantastic new online casino that offers many different features that will hold the attention of any player. If you like to bet online, you should find something interesting about this casino. Indeed, jackpots of all levels are available, for a total of more than 270 different games in all. However, the most interesting offer of Casino Cresus is the variety of i-slots games it offers, with popular software such as NetEnt, B3W, and Rival.

Reliable payment methods at Cresus Online Casino

The cash section of Cresus Casino assures players that any payment will be made safely and quickly, whenever the player asks for one. The casino uses several different methods of withdrawals and deposits, and also works with several currencies such as the US dollar, the Euro, the British pound and the Rand of South Africa. However, the deposit methods used are rather limited. Players will therefore need to ensure that their preferred payment methods are indeed payment methods accepted by the casino, both for deposits and for withdrawals.

Credit and Debit Cards

Players who have difficulty making payments with their credit cards can try one of the many online e-wallet options. These options work, for the most part, like prepaid cards. Customers deposit money into an electronic account via a credit card, a transfer order or one through a bank transfer. Then, these electronic wallets can be used to deposit money directly into the casino account of a player registered at Cresus Casino. This option has the benefit of providing another security step between the player and the online gaming community.

Credit cards, even if they are accepted for deposits at the Cresus casino, are not accepted for withdrawals. Also, many emission banks, mainly those operating outside France, reject transfers from online casinos. Players will therefore have to ensure that transactions made with their credit cards will be accepted, first by registering the card at the casino, and then by trying to make a deposit.

Electronic wallets

Finally, the casino also accepts several electronic payment methods. The most popular of all these options is Ukash. Indeed, casino customers just have to buy a Ukash card and use the card received to spend money online. Ukash is also accepted throughout Europe and almost instantly credits your account when you use it to make deposits at Casino Cresus. However, players cannot withdraw money with a Ukash card already used. They will have to use other methods if they want to spend their winnings.

What to remember

This Cresus Casino Avis allows you to open yourself up to a world offering you many different opportunities. Opting for this casino means you can choose to have fun your way, set the options you want and have fun in an online casino that takes care of you.